4 Distractions Which Can Affect Your Driving

Under Australian law, any driver who uses a mobile phone is liable to a $308 fine and a $60 victim surcharge. The reason for this is because using a mobile phone can distract a driver and cause them to drive dangerously and cause accidents. However, while not illegal, there are many other distractions which can create potentially dangerous situations for drivers. Below is a guide to 4 things which can affect your concentration when you are driving.

Ways Parents Can Ensure They Give The Best Driving Lesson Possible

For many parents, when the time comes for their children to learn to drive it’s a moment of proudness that’s often mixed with a certain level of anxiety. Especially in the early stages of learning to drive, lessons can be a stressful time for everyone involved. To help ensure the time their kids spend behind the wheel is as constructive and relaxed as possible, there are some basic rules anyone supervising a learner driver should remember, especially parents.

Taking someone on their first driving lesson

While you might be excited that your child or friend has got their learners driver license, the inevitable next question is “Can you take me for a drive?”. Here are some important points to cover on the first lesson before they even get on the road: Adjusting the mirrors Get the learner driver to adjust the mirrors to the point they get comfortable then switch off the car whilst you walk around it.