Taking someone on their first driving lesson

While you might be excited that your child or friend has got their learners driver license, the inevitable next question is "Can you take me for a drive?". Here are some important points to cover on the first lesson before they even get on the road:

Adjusting the mirrors

Get the learner driver to adjust the mirrors to the point they get comfortable then switch off the car whilst you walk around it. Demonstrate to them the blind spots and how checking the mirrors is important to spot smaller hazards such as cyclists, pedestrians and motorcyclists.  Getting learner drivers to prioritise their pre-driving mirror checks from the very start of learning how to drive not only helps drivers to pass their driving test, but also start them with positive safe driving habits from the earliest stage.

Turning circle

Get your driver to start the car and turn hard (full locked) left and right turns at different speeds (for example 10km/hr, 20/km/hr and 40 km/hr). This can help the learner driver to build a feel of how their car's handling changes at different speeds, before they are also dealing with other distracting aspects of driving like other cars and street signs.

Clutch bite points

If you are teaching someone how to drive a manual car, learning how to judge where to depress the clutch and accelerator to manage gear changes can make driving easier. It can be useful to experiment with revving the car and learning about how to smoothly change gears off the road before your learner driver is dealing with an angry soccer mum beeping aggressively behind them in the turning lane! Ideally you can also practise rolling back on a slight slope to judge the point the clutch and accelerator balance.

Smooth departures

In a related process, practising being able to smoothly react and start from a stopped position is a very useful skill in driving, coming in use for intersections, traffic lights and roundabouts. This can be a stressful situation for learner drivers so practising in an uninhabited car park can help to build the muscle memory and confidence in this manoeuvre before they need to do it in front of other drivers. Taking someone on his or her first driving lesson can be a scary proposition. Why not outsource some of the stress to a driving lesson company, who are experienced at teaching learner drivers to drive. Start from an empty parking lot and show them the following aspects of driving.

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